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Over 15 years professional experience recording, designing and mixing sound for TV, radio and digital


Need an awesome mix? 


London-based ProTools Sound Designer/Engineer


In-house or remote services available

Sound Mixing

Sound mixing for any duration. Whether it's a 6 sec ident or a feature length documentary. Mixes can be to any broadcast or online specification.


Immersive spacial audio, including ambisonic and 360/VR mixing, is available.

Remote VO Recording

Connecting to voice talent anywhere in the world using Source Connect, the recording session will run online as if you were actually in a studio environment.


The virtual session can facilitate many guests to listen in and direct.

Sound Design

Create captivating soundscapes and bespoke design to enhance the viewer's experience and bring your films to life.


Your projects will benefit from my extensive 200,000+ sfx library and specialist sound recording equipment.

Sound Editing

From editing dialogue to sfx and music, a wide array of plugins and sound processors are used to create seamless audio tracks before the mixing process begins.


I also provide editing for radio shows, audiobooks and podcasts.


Sound Restoration

Dialogue can nearly always be improved using the latest restorative tools and software.


Reducing wind noise, reverb, crackles, hissing, popping or hum are the most common problems that need  fixing to acheive a clean sound. 


Got something to say? Be heard!


The complete podcast package right from the initial concept, all the way to distribution.


Establishing the purpose of the podcast and the overall objectives. This might include:

● Setting a strategy plan

● Planning show formats

● Creative

● Script writing

● Casting

● Locations


A broadcast quality recording setup that comes to a location of your choice: office, event or living room. The recording process will be made easy so that you can concentrate on what’s really important, the content! 


Advice on the many technical aspects of recording will also be given, helping you to achieve the best possible performance and sound quality from your presenters and guests. 


Need your podcast filming? Camera equipment, lighting and video editing can be arranged.


Equipment: Zoom Livetrak L-8, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones, 4 x sm7b microphones.


Professional post production for your podcast which includes editing, sound design, restoration, mixing and mastering.


If you need help with music sourcing, that’s no problem! There are many free music sources online or if you’d prefer, an original composition can be arranged to really make your podcast unique.  


Help with hosting, delivery and distribution are all part of the service.

"Liam is an exceptionally talented and hard working sound designer. I had the pleasure of working alongside him across various projects for clients such as News UK, Lucozade, Volvo and HSBC where he crafted fantastic sound across commercials and online content.


Liam was my first choice as sound designer for my films. He took direction well to create the tense, dramatic and emotionally charged atmospheres which helped take the films to international film festivals."

Meena Ayittey

Film Director | D&AD Judge 2020



Liam Conwell – Chit Chat Sound
07932 547 320

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